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Here are some nice things reviewers have said about my stage performances and directing:


Les Misérables

Broadway National Tour

“Dallyn Vail Bayles plays the revolutionary Enjolras with an unparalleled vitality… With an ardent, booming voice Bayles seduces the cast to revolution, standing as the paradigm of French strength and vigor.” – GW Hatchet (Washington, DC)

“Dallyn Bayles offers a commanding performance.” – Brown Daily Herald (Providence, RI)

“Bayles is riveting.” – The Davis Enterprise (Sacramento, CA)

The Secret Garden

Archibald Craven

Village Theatre

“The top acting and vocal honors in this production go [to] Dallyn Vail Bayles who makes us see past Archie's brooding exterior and taps into his broken heart with subtle nuance. Bayles also handles the vocal demands of Simon's music (written for Mandy Patinkin) with skill and dexterity, never shortchanging Norman's poetic and moving lyrics. The actor soars in his solos…and ignites the score's stunning showpiece male duet, ‘Lily's Eyes.’” – Talkin’ Broadway

“As Archibald, Dallyn Vail Bayles cuts a tender, melancholy figure, dominating his scenes with a powerful tenor voice.” – Seattle Post-Intelligencer

South Pacific

Emile de Becque
Hale Center Theater Orem

“Bayles is magnificent playing his role as Emile de Becque with warmth, passion and a certain amount of internal sorrow singing his songs with power and finesse.” – Deseret News

“Dallyn Vail Bayles and Kelly Hennessey embrace their roles and more than exceed the drama, romance and musicality that the parts require. Bayles and Hennessey are impressive vocally, granted, but in their hands the duets are true musical conversations, each sounding fresh and exciting. Initially reserved with a quiet masculinity, Bayles brings warmth and playful spontaneity - and a creamy vocal intensity.” – Broadway World (Salt Lake City)

“Dallyn Vail Bayles’…rich masculine voice seems perfectly tailored for songs he sings as Emile de Becque in the lush score. (Giving Bayles a microphone for his songs was merely a formality; he clearly has the ability to fill the entire theater with just his natural voice.) Bayles’s endearing French accent and dignified bearing set him apart from the boisterous Americans and the placid Polynesian characters. Given his acting choices, Bayles made it natural that de Becque would serve as a bridge between the two cultures on the island.” – Utah Theater Bloggers Association

Sweeney Todd

Sweeney Todd
The Grand Theatre

“Bayles’…singing voice is as rich and dark as blood and he doesn’t overplay the role. His rage and trauma held tightly inside as he lurks and broods, only sporadically unleashing the mania that simmers just under the surface… This Sweeney watches and waits like a coiled snake waiting to attack.” – Gephardt Daily

“Bayles does a spectacular job of embodying Sweeney Todd. At first he is stoic and still, but when he sings ‘Epiphany’ we really get to see his dynamic acting ability and character depth.” – Front Row Reviewers

“Bayles and Howell have beautiful voices and really bring these despicable characters to life in a way that is both comedic and tragic. Their rendition of ‘A Little Priest’ is a highlight and had me laughing out loud.”  Phaedra’s Adventures

Jane Eyre

Edward Rochester
Hale Center Theater Orem

“Bayles skillfully depicted the many attitudes of his character — commanding yet loving, brooding then playful — his delivery of the Gypsy scene is a highlight.” – Deseret News

The Little Mermaid

King Triton
Tuacahn Amphitheatre

“Playing the role of King Triton in his Tuacahn debut, Dallyn Vail Bayles gives this stern father a depth of love and compassion, allowing a very real and relatable dynamic between Bayles and Tucker to unfold onstage.” – Front Row Reviewers

The Scarlet Pimpernel

Hale Centre Theatre

“First, it must be said: ‘What a cast!’ Some of the very best musical theatre talent in the state was selected to lead the company, and their maturity and experience is utterly refreshing and exactly what is needed for these characters… Daniel Beck as Percy Blakeney, Erin Royall Carlson as Marguerite St. Just, and Dallyn Vail Bayles as Chauvelin are a trio of knockout vocalists and actors who breathe new life into their roles, leaving the audience spellbound.” – Broadway World (Salt Lake City)

A Gentleman's Guide to Love & Murder

D'Ysquith Family
Hale Centre Theatre

“Dallyn Vail Bayles and cast kill it in HCT's ‘A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder’ The roles of the doomed D’Ysquith family members — some old, some young, some male, some female, some chill, some flamboyant — are all played by one actor. In this case, Dallyn Vail Bayles executed the eight different characters in a cleverly splendid and an absurdly fast fashion.” – Deseret News

The Sound of Music

Captain von Trapp
Tuacahn Amphitheatre

“The captain runs his house like he ran his ship, and it is lovely to watch Bayles as the captain’s character develops and begins to soften after Maria enters the home and teaches the children how to sing… As the romance between Maria and the captain blooms and grows, Evans and Bayles blend beautifully together in song, and their onstage chemistry is amazing.” – Front Row Reviewers

The Sound of Music

Captain von Trapp
Sundance Summer Theatre

“Pope gave an outstanding performance and was well matched by Dallyn Vail Bayles as Captain Von Trapp. Their romantic number ‘Something Good’ had romance so thick, it could have been cut with a knife. As I wrote in my notes, ‘Wow.’” – Utah Theater Bloggers Association

Funny Girl

“Dallyn Vail Bayles…gets exactly one solo, and he knocks it out of the park.” – Daily Herald

Ziegfeld Tenor
Sundance Theatre


John Wilkes Booth
Boston Conservatory

“John Wilkes Booth dominates the first act, and is played with appropriately courtly grace by Dallyn Vail Bayles.” – Fenway News

Pajama Game

Sid Sorokin
Boston Conservatory

“As Sid, Dallyn Vail Bayles has a superb baritone and stolid, leading man looks.” – Edge Media Network

Children of Eden

Brigham Young University

“Bayles sings as the Father, his rich, powerful voice booming with authority and love… ‘Children of Eden’ is easily among the top five shows produced anywhere in Utah this year. See it and prepare to be blown away.” – Daily Herald

Barefoot in the Park

Paul Bratter
Brigham Young University

“Paul gets the most laughs in the play anyway, thanks to Bayles' high-tension, sardonic performance, and the fight scene is no exception.” – Daily Herald


The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber

Featured Performer (Phantom, Pharaoh)
Eccles Theater

“It was very difficult to choose just one song of Dallyn’s that stood out above the others. But if [I] have to, I choose ‘The Music of the Night’ from Phantom of the Opera. It’s a beautiful iconic song.  It’s also a very difficult song.  Bayles performed it masterfully… I was totally blown away by this performance.” – Utah Concert Review

“One of the many high points of The Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber was Bayles delivering two solo showstoppers: the rocking ‘Song of the King’ from Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat and the power ballad title tune from the much-maligned Starlight Express.” – Cache Valley Daily

Concert in the Park

Guest Artist
Temple Square Concert Series

“Dallyn sings with such unique poignancy and sensitivity, not to mention vocal skills, that you can’t help but find yourself carried away, completely transported by his music... This performance brought the audience leaping to their feet in a standing ovation that brought the program to a full halt.” – Meridian Magazine

Kurt Bestor Christmas

Guest Performer
Eccles Theater

“In honor of the 30th anniversary of ‘A Kurt Bestor Christmas,’ Bestor let his fans vote online for which guest artists should return for his shows this year. Among the fans’ top picks [was] Bayles.” – Deseret News

“Bayles was the guest on Bestor’s [last] show at the Eccles, and Bestor was pleasantly surprised when fans voted the tenor back right away: ‘He really is mesmerizing. … You look at him and think, “There’s somebody’s dad,” then he starts singing and he really captivates.’” – Salt Lake Tribune


Into the Woods

Brigham Young University

“This is easily the best show I have seen on a Utah stage in the last year, and probably the best realization of a score I’ve heard in longer. I give my sincerest congratulations to this sensational ensemble cast and Dallyn Vail Bayles for a spectacular directorial debut.” – Utah Theatre Bloggers Association

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